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Flexifleet: Flexible Car & Van Leasing

We offer truly flexible vehicle leasing without the contracts.So often in business you are asked to make a Long-Term decision at a point when you simply cannot predict the future. Here at Rent Direct Cambridge we understand that and so have devised a solution to that fixed 3 year leasing plan that we call Flexifleet. This enables us to offer Long-Term car and van rental at prices very close to 3 year leasing plans without the fixed contract. This enables you to make decisions that represent your businesses needs now, but with the flexibility to change those decisions in the future.

These are just a few examples of our lease vehicles. Please call for more details as we have many more makes and models available.

* Price does not include VAT and Insurance.

Flixi Car Leasing Nissan Qashqai N-Tec

NEW Nissan Qashqai N-Tec

Comfortable & Spacious
- Featuring Sat Nav
- Bluetooth
- Cruise Control
- Lane Change Alert
- 2000 miles per month
£102 per week

Car Lease Toyota Auris Business Edition

New Toyota Auris Business Edition

Compact & Economical
- Featuring Sat Nav
- Bluetooth
- Fantastic MPG
- 2000 miles per month
£93 per week

Van Leasing - VW Transporter Van T28

VW Transporter Van T28

Versatile & Easy-to-Drive
- Featuring Large Load Space
- Car-like Comfort
- Fully Ply Lined
- 2500 miles per month
£95 per week

Car Leasing & Van Leasing

We run a huge fleet of vehicles, so if you need a car, van or MPV immediately we can deliver straight from our fleet whilst we source you a brand new vehicle. This process is hassle free and requires you to only pay a £350 deposit plus the first 4 weeks rental in advance. Most of our cars are changed every 6 months and vans every 2 years, this means that you are not left hiring an old, run down vehicle and can turn up to meetings, sites and customers offices in style.

Manage Your Fleet with Leasing Across Cambridge

Maybe your company has a project to run, maybe you have a gap between lease cars or maybe you just don't want your capital (that can be better used elsewhere) tied up in vehicles or deposits. If any of these describe you and your business then Flexifleet is for you.

The above vehicles are just a taste of what we can provide, so please give us a call and a member of our team at our Cambridge branch will endeavour to talk you through your requirements and all of the options we have available.

Long Term Car Hire

So you've made the short term commitment for 2-3 months, what next?

Well that's it. You can keep that vehicle for as long as you need at a continued great rate. Every 6 months to a year we will call you to switch over vehicles into another brand new one. Of course if things change in your business then we will understand and you can simply return the vehicle and pay at a pro rata rate for the time you have used.

Long Term Van & Long Term MPV Hire

The start-up of your own business is usually a very complicated, time intensive and costly experience so why purchase or long term lease the van that you need. We have many customers who have taken the steps to set up their business as a tradesman, where their van is also their office as well as their transport, and we have allowed them to sign write our van with their logo. This makes the van a mobile advert too!!

Long Term Vehicle Rental in Cambridge

So whatever your needs are today, Rent Direct in Cambridge will have a solution for you. Please simply give us a call on 01223 309 409 and a member of our team will be able to help you find the right vehicle for you for the right period of time.

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