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What Van Size Do I Need?

Load Dimensions for Common Hire Vans

Use our quick and easy guide to make sure you wont be left in the lurch with a hire van that is too small, large, narrow or wide for your requirements.

Van hire companies will often indicate the load capacity of vans in cubic metres on their web site. For most people this isn't very helpful, so we have provided the approximate length, width and height of each vans load compartment in this handy guide.

We have also included typical payload (load weight) and fuel economy figures for each type of van - while these vary a little, our guide figures cover most vans and will give you an idea of what to expect. If you have a specific payload requirement make sure you check with your van rental company when booking.

Remember these dimensions are approximate and should only be used as an indicator. The space between the rear wheel arches will also be narrower than the load width given - usually about 40cm less.

Small Vans- Ford Transit Connect, Vauxhall Combo or Similar

Rent Direct - Group V1

These vans are ideally suited for boxes of goods, a washing machine or smaller items of furniture.

Hire a Vauxhall Combo Van or Small Van

Typical Specifications

Length: 1.7m
Load Space Dimensions Width 1.49m
Height 1.2m
Payload 600 - 800kg
Typical fuel consumption (mpg) 40 - 50mpg
Seats (inc driver) 2

These small vans may have a side loading door, but often do not. Externally, they are no bigger than a medium sized car and are just like a car to drive.

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Medium Panel Vans - Ford Transit SWB, Volkswagen Transporter SWB or Renault Traffic (also Vauchall Vivaro)

Rent Direct - Group V2

Vans like a short wheel base ford transit offer a usefully large load compartment without being much longer or wider than a large car and while still offering good fuel ecomony.

Ford Transit Van Rental

Typical Specifications

Length: 2.4m
Load Space Dimensions Width 1.7m
Height 1.4m with medium roof
Payload 900 - 1200kg
Typical fuel consumption (mpg) 30 - 40mpg
Seats (inc driver) 3

Examples of this size of van are Ford Transit SWB, Volkswagen Transporter SWB, Renault Traffic and Vauxhall Vivaro.

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Long Wheel Base Vans - Ford Transit LWB or similar Long Wheel Base.

Rent Direct - Group V3

A LWB van will give you some serious load space without compromising too much on manoeuvrability or fuel consumption.

Renault Master LWB Van Rental

Typical Specifications

Length: 3.4m
Load Space Dimensions Width 1.7m
Height 1.7m
Payload 1000 - 1300kg
Typical fuel consumption (mpg) 28 - 35mpg
Seats (inc driver) 3

Examples of this size of van are Ford Transit LWB and Renault Master LWB.

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Extra Long Wheel Base Vans - Mercedes Sprinter XLWB or Ford Transit Jumbo

Rent Direct - Group V4

For ultimate load carrying in a panel van, you will need an extra-long wheel base van. By far the most popular choice is the Mercedes Sprinter.

Hire Mercedes Sprinter XLWB Van

Typical Specifications

Length: 4.1m
Load Space Dimensions Width 1.7m
Height 1.8m
Payload 1200 - 1500kg
Typical fuel consumption (mpg) 22 - 30mpg
Seats (inc driver) 3

Examples of this size of van are Ford Transit Jumbo and the Mercedes Sprinter XLWB.

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Luton Van

Rent Direct - Group V5

KIng of small house removals, a Luton Van provides superb flexibility for bulky items such as furniture and large boxes or crates.

Although they dont always offer quite as much length as an extra-long wheel base van, they offer greater width and a huge amount of height.

Luton Van Rental

Typical Specifications

Length: 3.4m
Load Space Dimensions Width 2m
Height 1.88m
Payload 800 - 1000kg
Typical fuel consumption (mpg) 20 - 30mpg
Seats (inc driver) 3

Unlike panel vans the entire load compartment is usually above the rear wheels, so the rear wheel arches don't interfere with your load space. A Luton will have a slightly poorer fuel economy and be more awkward to park, but there is no better van for fitting in everything including the kitchen sink.

Remember: Luton vans are quite high off the ground - if you are planning on carrying anything heavy, you may want a tail lift to enable you to lift and lower things for the load compartment to the ground.

Make sure you ask for a tail lift when booking a Luton van as not all of them have tail lifts.

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